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About Analytical Innovative Solutions, LLC
Analytical Innovative Solutions (AnInSo), is a veteran owned, Limited Liability Company registered with the State of Georgia (U.S.). Our expertise is in Maritime and International Supply Chain operations.  Our focus is providing research and analysis services in a timely and cost effective manner.  Steven O'Malley, our principal investigator, his experience includes:     

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG):
  • U.S. Coast Guard – 2015-2016: (Project manager) conducted a study that assessed the potential growth and impact of LNG being used as a vessel fuel and changes in existing regulations that will be needed  

  • U.S. Energy Information Administration (2014-2015): Served as the maritime expert on a study assessing the impact of the North American Emission Control Areas on the volume and type of fuel(s) consumed by ships calling on U.S. port. Report can be viewed via http://www.eia.gov/analysis/studies/transportation/marinefuel/

  • Lithuanian State Seaport (2014-2015): (Project manager) on a project to incorporate security for a LNG Floating Storage and Regasification Unit operation into existing security plans i.a.w. European Union directives

  • U.S. Energy Information Administration (2014): served as the maritime expert on a study assessing the cost of shipping LNG from key production sites to key markets worldwide

  • State of Alaska (2012): served as the maritime expert on a project to identify acceptable locations for LNG and LPG marine terminals in south central and south eastern Alaska

  • Lithuanian Ministry of Energy (2010): served as the maritime expert on a project to select a suitable location for an LNG import terminal

Seaport and inland infrastructure development:
  • Mozambique (2012-2016): Conducted feasibility studies for four proposed seaport in Mozambique. Studies included the development of concept designs/cost estimates for the ports and supporting infrastructure (highways/rail lines/pipelines)

  • Secretariat of Ports (SEP) of Brazil- (subcontractor), (2011): Assessed cargo operations in 6 ports in Brazil to assess potential throughput and vessel traffic issues as part of a major project to assist SEP with prioritizing improvements 

  • Melford International Terminal, Canada; Served as the maritime expert on a Port Feasibility Study- Assessed the capacity of highway, railroads, and Customs border crossings that linked the port to U.S. markets  

Maritime and Cargo Safety & Security: 
  • Lithuanian State Seaport (2014-2015): Project manager to incorporate security for a LNG Floating Storage & Regasification Unit operation into existing security plans (i.a.w. European Union directives)

  • Guatemala- Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) (2014): Served as the Maritime and Cargo Security expert that worked with SAT to determine where new technologies could be used to reduce loss of tax revenue on goods being imported and on goods moving in bond or international transit

  • Between 2004 and present - Conducted over 30 safety and or security assessments: including 14 ports for United States federal/state governments or private industry; and 16 ports in 9 countries for various foreign governments 

  • Led groups of international experts in the development of a ISO standards for port security (ISO 20858), supply chain security (ISO 28001), and electronic port clearance for Ships (ISO 28005-1)

  • Fortune 500 company agricultural importer (2009): (Project manager) Developed program that allowed the importer to expand their security program to warehousing, trucking, & producers in Guatemala (tripling the numbers involved without increased costs) 

Supply Chain Education:
  • Rutgers University (Business School) (2018) instructor in the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management Program

Chairperson, International Standardization Organization’s Intermodal and Short Sea Shipping subcommittee (ISO TC8-SC11): SC11 is responsible for standards involving; port operations, electronic log keeping, electronic port clearance and port security.  Represents international maritime shipping on the ISO Climate Change Coordination Task Force

U.S. Coast Guard:  Career officer, involved in all aspects of port operations, security and emergency response

Education: Masters in Management, Transportation; Florida Institute of Technology

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